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The Tidalist

The next edition of our Set series includes two individuals who are beautiful both inside and out. The story of how Elizabeth (the founder of the amazing vintage curated jewelry line The Moonstoned), and Pottsy (the wildly talented photographer) met, will most certainly give hope to those looking for love... especially in New York.

Having known Elizabeth prior to her becoming Mrs. Potts (and starting the Moonstoned) while she was working alongside my sister at 3x1, I still remember the conversations we'd have - typically involving topics of love, life, style, and careers. The irony, however, lies in remembering the things we say when we are single and how life always pleasantly surprises us, as long as we put good vibes forth.  With that said, the story of how they met is a perfect example of new-age love, for in this day in age, we tend to doubt the universe's ability and role in helping us find love, which is a sentiment that rings even more true for those of us living in the city - since we, at times, tend to second guess New York and its magic.

However, one thing we are taught through and through is that the universe works in mysterious ways and as Mrs. Potts says, "the longer you’re in a kind of “yeah, it’s good/it’s fine for now” relationship the longer you’ll delay finding someone who’s wildly crazy about you and wants to celebrate everything about you. It’s out there, get out and be totally confident that you deserve it."

After all,  you never know when love will walk right up to you... and at the Surf Lodge of all places.

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How did you meet?

Elizabeth (Ella): 
We met during a summer in Montauk. To escape the madness of the city I had taken a job doing the Door at Surf Lodge. I was used to seeing pretty (but also pretty obnoxious) faces around, but something about Pottsy caught my eye. Pretty hard to look away from those dimples.
Nicolas (Pottsy): I was DJing weekends at Surf Lodge and I’d been asking my friend about Ella for a while. I asked her out after my set and then soon after asked her if she wanted to make out. We ended up chatting for hours before we kissed sitting by the boats at the dock. The next day I told my friend I think I met my wife.




Where was your first date?

Uhm… well after the first initial few late-night hangouts (ha) we figured we actually really enjoyed each other’s company, so we went out to dinner at Uncle Boons in the city. Those icy Thai beers are such a damn good reprieve from the sticky Summer heat.
P: I took Ella to Uncle Boons and quickly realized there was almost nothing Vegan to order for her. It was a great night though.


Was there a sign that you knew it was meant to be?
I don’t know if there’s ever been “A Sign”, per se. With us, it’s just always been so unbelievably fun and easy, right from the start. It’s just kept rolling into a deeper and more forever-kind of Love. I guess it’s been millions of tiny signs every day.
P: We just worked from the beginning. We had great conversations from the start and I found her so stunning and unique I knew it was something special right away.

What is your favorite thing about one another?
Pottsy is crazy compassionate and works harder than anyone I’ve ever met. His mind never stops, which I find to be really intoxicating. When he’s half-way through a project he’s already thinking about a dozen more.
P: My favorite thing about her is the love and enthusiasm she has for almost everything. She can pull me out of a funk in no time, it's infectious.


Best advice for those looking to find love?
DON’T. SETTLE. I know it can be easy to stay with someone who just kinda works, or you care about but aren’t crazy about and even easier to keep seeing a few of the same people in the hopes one will finally stand out. But the longer you’re in a kind of “yeah, it’s good/it’s fine for now” relationship the longer you’ll delay finding someone who’s wildly crazy about you and wants to celebrate everything about you. It’s out there, get out and be totally confident that you deserve it.
P: Manifest it. Have a picture in your mind of the relationship you want and you will create it. Never doubt that it will come. When you find it, work hard to make it exactly what you want.

The most important part of a relationship?
Being silly. It’s so important to incorporate play and silliness every day. It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s intimate and creates this really deep bond when you don’t take each other too seriously and can make each other laugh all day.
P: Trust. I think it is the foundation of every good relationship. From there you can build everything together.


How do you resolve your differences?
We definitely have them, and each time we argue or don’t see eye to eye it’s a work in progress. We are really careful about never ever saying words in anger that we can’t take back (Numero Uno Rule). We give each other turns to speak un-interrupted (which is a new law because we can both get super hot-headed and talk over each other which doesn’t help anyone haha). After that, if we still can’t resolve, we take some time to cool off. Everything seems like a big deal in the heat of the moment, and taking a step back lets us get some realness about what really matters.
P: We are careful with how to talk to each other. We’ve made a point to never yell or swear at each other. If we have a disagreement on something and get too frustrated we usually take a timeout and come back to it which is when it gets resolved.

Best advice for keeping the romance alive?
Don’t take it all so seriously. Have FUN, be honest, be open and be silly. When you’re committed to it for the long haul there are going to be so many ups and downs, changes together and changes separately; just live in the love-magic and the sexiness of it all.
P: For my PG answer I would say keeping the romance alive is most linked to keeping life fresh. Travel, try new things together, socialize and be fit and healthy. If you feel good about yourself you feel good about each other.


Thank you to Elizabeth and Pottsy for sharing their story and be SURE to check out their work below - you won't regret it:

Full article here:

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