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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Onyx, Diamonds, Topaz & Paste Sapphires

Weight - 52g

Egyptomania. A term coined to describe the delighted frenzy of Europeans for every element of ancient Egypt made accessible to them in the 19th century, this phenomenon swept through the entertainment, travel, and adornment of the Victorian age. Mummy unwrapping parties, pyramid adventures and cruises along the Nile, and actual jewelry found at archaeological sites were all the rage among the affluent of the era. The conjured mysticism and romance of a culture so wholly unfamiliar to most English even influenced artisans of the day in their own jewelry design. 

Exquisitely crafted from 18K gold, onyx, diamonds, topaz, and paste sapphires, the phenomenal Victorian Monogram Cuff was expertly fashioned in a style reminiscent of ancient ornaments found in Egypt. Somehow still quintessentially Victorian as well, this fascinating bracelet is decorated with gemstones prized by both Egyptians and Victorians for their beauty as well as their more metaphysical properties.

Centered within golden foliate embellishments, onyx is said to help integrate dualities—making it an ideal gemstone for this handsome cuff. Believed by ancient Egyptians to embody the golden gleam of the sun god Ra, each topaz shines with a wonder all its own. And dazzling from the center, the monogram of diamonds and paste sapphires goes a long way towards making this brilliant bracelet impossible to ignore. 

Singularly stunning, this is a cuff to catch the eyes and spark conversation. Extraordinary in its design as well as its history, this enchanting tribute to all pasts and presents will liven up any occasion.