$3,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (1.10cts)

Inner Diameter - 2.5in x 2.2in

Weight - 23g

A hearty measure of history, two dashes of lore, and a sprinkling of symbolism—all these ingredients go into crafting the stories told about gemstones from the time they were first discovered until now. Perhaps no gem has had more stories told about it than the dazzling diamond. Facts and fancies have followed this gemstone wherever it goes throughout time and civilizations. 

Plato believed diamonds were alive and had celestial spirits encased within them. Ancient Romans thought diamonds were pieces of the gods they worshipped, and warriors adorned their armor with raw diamonds in the belief that the gem’s strength along with the favor of the gods would protect them in battle. To cut a diamond in that time and place was considered disrespectful to the gods so the gems were worn rough. And in the Middle Ages, people believed diamonds would cure everything from stomaches to infections to nightmares to skin disease to heart ailments. 

To put it mildly, diamonds have been talked about for centuries. And the diamonds which glimmer from the Vintage Gold and Diamond Bangle will continue to be talked about whenever you wear this simple yet striking bracelet. Fashioned from 14K gold and 1.10 carats of old mine cut diamonds, this handsome vintage bangle is sure to tell you a few tales as it carves out a place of its own in the story of your brilliant life.