$3,900.00 USD


Era - Art Deco, 1920's

Materials - 14K Gold, Enamel & .10ct Diamonds 

Size - 7

Weight - 25.97 grams

Sometimes a stumble leads to tremendous discoveries. 

Perhaps this was never more literally true than when Hussein Abdel-Rassoul tripped over a stone in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in the autumn of 1922. No ordinary rock, the impediment on which he faltered eventually led to the location and excavation of Tutankhamun’s astounding burial chambers. And with the opening of King Tut’s tomb and the newspaper accounts of all the wonders held within, the Western world became enamored of Egypt once again. 

The resulting Egyptomania influenced everything from architecture to literature to fashion, and thus we have Hussein Abdel-Rassoul to thank—in part—for the existence of this extraordinary Egyptian Revival Bracelet. Featuring an exhilarating ensemble of carnelian, diamonds, rubies, enamel, and 14K gold, this singularly intriguing Art Deco bracelet was fashioned during an era when global travel was rare so artisans brought the exotic into the ordinary with their own creations.

Symbolic of resurrection, immortality, and divine protection, the scarabs adorning this fascinating bracelet are rendered in carnelian and diamonds. Known as a stimulating gemstone, carnelians are said to empower individuals with the courage to pursue the endeavors and relationships which fire their heart. Stones of resilience and tenacity, diamonds are also said to lend their own strength to the one who wears them. And rubies—as gorgeous jewels of passion and persistence—are there to offer their own support as well.

A thrilling tribute to all the happy accidents in life, this phenomenal bracelet is an ornament of adventures both ordinary and otherwise.