$3,850.00 USD


The post-war indulgence of the latter 1940s was basically the Roaring 20’s: Part 2. And we’re here for it. A buckle bracelet has never looked so good: it’s sexy, edgy, and feminine with tiny bricks of 14-karat gold decorated with diamonds (1.40 carats) and a glowing sapphire. She makes a bold statement and leaves a nice weighty feel on the wrist.

Buckles themselves have been around since the Iron Age (1200-600 BC) and they’ve been supporting pants since 1600. It’s a common motif of everlasting love, fidelity, protection, and friendship – and for good reason: a buckle threads into itself, creating a secure and endless loop indicative of forever and ever and ever.

Let’s be honest, that’s pretty rad.

Era - c1940's

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamonds (1.40cts) & Sapphire

Length - 8.5in, 16mm Wide

Weight - 50g