$3,800.00 USD


Era - Victorian Circa 1900

Materials - 14k Gold, Black Enamel

Length - 7.5"

In a world that can seem intimidating at times, it is an honor to existence to stake your claim without timidity and save your apologies for when you have been wrong instead of squandering them on all who would have you abate your audacity. To speak boldly, to act bravely, to love freely is more than just a celebration of your incredible self. It is also a way to honor all who came before you and helped pave the way to wholehearted living.

Expertly crafted from 14K gold at the turn of the 20th century, the Antique Enamel Fringe Bracelet owes its stunning design to the desire for jewelry that delighted the eyes and attracted admiration even among the grand silhouettes of women’s fashion at the time. A celebration of artistic prominence, this magnificent gold bracelet with striking black enamel tracery was fashioned in an era of transformation as women made further progress in defining themselves rather than being defined by others. In modern times, this impressive bracelet is more than an impeccable style statement. It is a tribute to all our foremothers and the ways they chose to challenge and stand out.