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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold 

Length - 8"

In the time of early humans when any departure from the collective heralded dangers untold, all measures which could be taken to ensure one stayed safe and secure were clutched at with both hands. Talismans of protection and fortune were crafted and worn from almost the beginning of human history, and the tradition of adorning ourselves in ornaments which make us feel good has continued since those long ago days.

Fashioned from 18K gold, the fascinating BVLGARI Charm Bracelet may have its roots in the ancient world of amulets and fetishes, but it is all modern beauty. Once worn as safeguards against the evil eye and all ill fortune which might befall a person unprotected by magic, charm bracelets were also used to identify the wearer to those who awaited in the afterlife and often signified standing in the community. With the Victorian age, charm bracelets truly took off as stories to slip around the wrist, and they continue to tell important tales today.

A unique addition to any collection, this brilliant bracelet is a vintage canvas for the meaning with which you imbue it as well as a simply striking piece of jeweled masterwork from the accomplished artisans of BVLGARI.