$7,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold, Diamonds

Length - 6"

If ever there was a bracelet that makes us think mighty, the incandescent Diamond Arrow Tennis Bracelet is it. Featuring an thrilling ensemble of diamonds nestled in 18K gold, this vintage tennis bracelet embodies sensuality and strength in all its brilliance.

First discovered by ancient humans more than 2500 years ago, diamonds have delighted, bedeviled, inspired, provoked, and enchanted as they worked their magic and mischief in countless villages, palaces, and homes throughout world history. Gemstones of the crown chakra, they are credited with augmenting creative vision and inspiring derring-do as the one who wears them takes life on their terms. Jewels of faith and fidelity to oneself and others, they also signify strength and tenacity for all the adventures ahead.

A gorgeous bracelet to honor the inner radiance of yourself or another, this dynamic vintage dazzler is one heck of a unique wonder—as is the one who wears it.