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Era - Vintage from Russia

Materials - 14K Gold, Garnet, Diamonds 

Weight - 11 grams


Extravagant affection. Moody piano sonatas. Profound pathos. Alexsandr Ivanovich Kuprin’s story, “The Garnet Bracelet,” has it all. A tale of a man besotted with a love gifted to mortals once every thousand years, this romantic Russian story pivots on a bracelet. But not just any bracelet. A garnet bracelet. And just a glimpse of the gorgeous Garnet & Diamond Twist Bracelet reveals Kuprin knew exactly what he was about when he chose the gem of his story.

Composed of 14K gold, a glorious garnet, and a radiant diamond halo, this vintage Russian bangle is everything sensational and seductive. Centering this brilliant creation of spiraling gold, the crimson garnet is known as gemstone which both symbolizes and evokes the fierce passion at the heart of unforgettable romances and unstoppable endeavors. Held in the embrace of dazzling diamonds—jewels of fidelity and fortitude—the beauty as well as the significance of the garnet is perfectly complemented. 

A singularly expressive adornment, this may not be the bracelet of Kuprin’s story, but it will shine as part of your saga—a tale even more fascinating than any told in books.