$4,000.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Sapphires, Diamonds 

Length - 6.5"

Weight - 18 grams

There are myriad reasons Tiffany & Co. continues to be respected as one of the most accomplished jewelry houses in the world more than 160 years after the company was founded, and the Tiffany Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet is a dazzling one. 

Masterfully crafted with sapphires and diamonds set into 14K gold, this vintage geometric treasure features gemstones replete with significance. Jewels of enlightenment, sapphires are said to invite the wearer into a generous understanding of one’s self and others. In their wake follows wisdom and an ability to see beyond illusions. And their companions—glittering, gorgeous diamonds—assist with the courage and clarity to see one’s convictions through to the end. Gems of enduring beauty, diamonds also serve as to honor the tenacity and resilience which keep us moving through even the toughest of days. 

A tribute to that which inspires, strengthens, and delights, this vintage bracelet is an exquisite celebration of the abiding magnificence within the one who wears it.