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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18K Gold & Garnet

Cover the mirrors, and stop the clocks. Close the curtains, and turn all photographs face down. Among the primary tasks completed in the first moments following a death during the Victorian age, these were just a few of the myriad rituals which accompanied mourning all those years ago. To grieve was in many ways to press pause on life—at least for women of leisure—and mourning was held as sacred throughout society. But even in sadness, style was considered, and thus we of the 21st century are gifted with this gorgeous Victorian Gold & Garnet Mourning Bracelet. 

Said to represent the eternal wisdom inherent in all existence, the garnets gleaming within this marvelous 18K gold bracelet are also credited with grounding the spirit of the one who wears it in serenity. A particularly lucky stone for those in love, garnets are also said to ignite passion in the hearts of those who need a nudge to go after exactly what it is they want most. A gem said to honor all deities of creation themselves, garnets are also believed to inspire boldness, courage, and faith in one’s own potential.

A stunning ornament of unparalleled allure, this exquisite bracelet perfectly exhibits the outstanding craftsmanship of the Victorian age. Composed of sumptuous colors appropriately subdued for the one it originally adorned, today this Victorian bracelet is a singularly spectacular addition to your own precious life.