$2,800.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold

Length - 7.5"

Weight - 25.4 grams

For all our deep dives into the history of golden treasures, there are countless stories of this most fascinating element still waiting to be told. The tale this handsome Vintage Braided Rope Bracelet brings to mind is the story of Bessie Couture—Black woman and badass of the Klondike Gold Rush who continues to inspire us today.

The first known Black business owner in the Alaskan territory, Bessie Couture owned and operated restaurants in Skagway for famished prospectors hoping for a bit of golden good luck to turn their fortunes around. Though many particulars of her story remain unknown, we also know she owned her own home in Skagway—a rare accomplishment for any woman of her time.

These two truths alone tell us some of what we ache to know about Bessie Couture: She worked hard for what she wanted. She dared to do what others didn’t. She refused to be bound by the limitations others would try with all their might to place on her. She could—we are certain—teach us more than a thing or two about what it is to make our own dreams come true.

To us, a celebration of the will within to do whatever it is we want to do, this vintage bracelet weaves together past, present, and future in an 18K gold braid. Suited to all occasions from the simplest lounge-around day to the grandest adventures, this vintage bracelet is a story of daring remembered as well as a story of bravery yet to be told.