$1,800.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold, Pearls & Old Mine Cut Diamond (.30cts)

Length - 7in

Weight - 14g

Lightning flashes in the liminal spaces where the waters of the earth touch and tumble with the powers of heaven, and with these flashes pearls are both conceived and birthed—or so goes one origin story of these luminous gems. Known as daughters of the moon for their resemblance to the celestial lunar body, these earthly orbs are credited with imbuing the wearer with equanimity. They also symbolize wisdom earned through experience. Some believe their influence over wellbeing is increased exponentially when combined with the clarity, strength, and good fortune offered by a companion diamond. 

Featuring the power couple of gems, the Vintage Pearl and Diamond bracelet is fashioned from 14K gold, two gorgeous pearls, and a dazzling old mine cut diamond at its heart. Adding a delicate touch of brilliance to any ensemble, this vintage jewelry will do more than catch the eye if the lore surrounding the stones is to be believed. It will also soothe the soul—serving to remind you of your own wisdom and resilience as you adorn yourself with heaven, earth, and lightning in a bracelet.