$625.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - Silver & Enamel 

Length - 2.6in

Weight - 12g

In the beginning was woman. As both source and sustenance, all life flowed from her hollows and valleys. Energy unfurled, she is the origin of all existence. And to some her name was, is, and always will be Shakti—Mother Goddess of the universe. As the personification of the divine feminine, Shakti liberates and protects. She nourishes and upholds. Transcendent and boundless, no form can contain her. Thus she is often symbolized by the yoni. A gateway to transformation, the universal womb of Shakti may appear as a void, but within it is held every ounce of nascent creative potential which may someday be birthed into the world.

With enamel work that reminds us of Shakti, the Vintage Silver Tassel Earrings are perfect adornment for any and all who wish to celebrate the divine feminine within and without. Fashioned from silver and enamel, these vintage earrings do more than catch the eye with their beauty. They honor all that is possible, all that is conceivable, all that is yours alone to bring into the world in the way only you can.