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Era - c1980's 

Materials - 14k Gold

Measurements - 1in

Weight - 7g

There was nothing small about the 80s. Big hair, big cars, big jewelry—big equaled best in the blockbuster age. And with waves of nostalgia washing over us as we think back to Cabbage Patch Kids and Rainbow Brite, Ferris Bueller going rogue for a day and E.T.’s glowing finger, we know there is nothing small about our collective love for this era either. While no time machine exists to return us to the days when only music videos aired on MTV and turtlenecks kept us warm in the winter, these bodacious 80’s Puffy Gold Hoops blast a bit of the glorious past into the present. Fashioned from 14K gold, these bold earrings embody the spirit of a decade where anything was possible. Though their design is quintessentially 80s, their appeal is timeless. They remain a perfect enhancement for any ensemble from the modern take on the power suit to an oversized sweatshirt and leggings.