$350.00 USD


Era - Victorian 

Materials - 9k Gold 

Length - 1.2in

Weight - 2g

Butterflies flit about inside her as she readies her hair and dresses. She adorns herself with care—selecting just the right earrings to highlight the slope of her jawline. Her mother says her jaw is one of her most charming features. The gold earrings with what she thinks are forget-me-nots at the center are utterly enchanting. She dons them as she thinks of the man she admires. He will be at the dance. She hopes he will ask her to waltz. She wishes she could ask him. But such a thing is simply not done. Her mother would scold. The gossips would chatter. Oh let them, she thinks as she glances in the mirror once last time. She is a woman determined to get what she wants. 

Crafted in a time when society did its best to mold women for hearth and home and not much else, the Victorian Floral Earrings have seen their share of history. Fashioned from delicately-engraved 9K gold, we like to think these lovely earrings could tell us many stories like the one we imagined of women who wore them as they flouted any and all conventions that did not suit their essence. Gifted to yourself or another, these beautiful ornaments with a history add a touch of singular elegance to any ensemble.