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Era - Antique Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Silver & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (est. 2.25cts)

Length - 106.68mm 

Weight - 24 Grams

Though the idea that success happens when preparation aligns with opportunity is often attributed to the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, it did not originate with him. Long before his birth, the Victorians lived every single day by this precept. Even their soirees were structured beyond what many of us would consider normal. That’s because for the unmarried, dinner parties, house parties, and balls were primarily opportunities to meet prospective partners. And in a time when most marriages began more as business arrangements than love matches, who the invited guests were and how they behaved was immensely important, so everything was planned with great care.


Featuring 18K gold, silver, and old mine cut diamonds, these decadent Victorian Diamond Chandelier Earrings would have definitely made the cut for perfect Victorian party attire. With every facet of each delicious diamond cut by hand with an eye towards maximum sparkle in candlelight, these marvelous earrings are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Adding glamour to any occasion, these bewitching earrings have a history of enchanting the eyes and they will continue to fascinate for years to come. Wearing these splendid Victorian earrings, you are certainly prepared for any opportunity to intrigue and dazzle which might come your way.