$1,650.00 USD


Era - c1770's French Revolution 

Materials - 15k Gold 

Measurements - 50mm x 37mm 

Weight - 13g

Trying to please everyone comes at a price, though not many have paid up in quite the same way as King Louis XVI of France. Though a man of good intentions, his indecision and attempts to satisfy the wishes of all contributed to the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution. Only 19 years old when he ascended to the throne, Louis spent the next 19 years of his life desperately trying to earn the love and loyalty of the people who made up his country. Considering, though, that French society at the time was comprised of strict social classes with disparate ideologies for what constituted a ruler fit for the throne, he ultimately lost every campaign to garner the adoration of his people along with his head. 


Fashioned in the early years of the king’s reign, the King Louis XVI Memorial Locket is a handsome historical piece featuring the hand-painted profile of the young king centered within a delicately vibrant garland of flowers. The diverse styles of engraving which compose the face of this fascinating 15K gold locket enhance the allure of this charming piece. Perfect for anyone with a penchant for singular antique jewelry, this memorial locket also serves as a reminder to move through life with confidence in your own existence. Love yourself wholly and you free yourself from the impossible struggle of pleasing everyone else.