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Era - Antique, c. 1890s

Materials - High Carat Gold, Thirty (30) Large Pearls, Strung Baby Pearls and Black Enamel

Weight - 24.7g total

Measurements - 71.27mm x 32.64mm

Note - "Too often, the tales of history we are told eliminate women from stories of daring and audacity, as if the realm of intrepid adventure belongs not to them. Yet we know better. Woven throughout the fabric of time are stories of bold women whose endeavors are the raw materials from which legends are formed. 

One such woman is Ching Shih, commonly known as Cheng I Sao—wife of Cheng I. Commander and leader of a fleet which included more than 1500 ships and up to 80,000 men, Ching Shih is known as the most successful pirate of all time. Known for her strict code of conduct and her ability to win battles against some of the most formidable empires, Ching Shih earned respect on the high seas as well as on land. Even after surrendering to the Portuguese Navy, she continued to live a remarkable life.

Fashioned in the final years of the 19th century from high carat gold, enamel, and pearls, the Antique Galleon Ship Earrings put us in mind of Ching Shih and her reputation as a woman who got what she wanted. It is only fitting that these antique earrings are bestrewn with pearls. As the only gemstones formed within a living organism, pearls reveal their beauty not by being cut or faceted but by simply existing completely as they are. A testament to adventure in fashion and spirit, these antique earrings are perfect for anyone who dares to be wholly themselves on the journey of life."

- From Elizabeth Kranz Potts