$1,450.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 14k Gold, Silver, Diamond (.2tct)

Size - 0.75" tall 

Delicate. Dainty. Fragile. In Victorian times, the predominant view of women as a whole included such adjectives as attempts to rationalize the confinement of them to home and hearth and nowhere else. Like hothouse flowers, women were often seen as little more than an ornament to the lives of men. But the women of that era challenged those views on an individual and collective scale, first sparking and then fanning the golden flames that would blaze into the women’s suffrage movement and beyond. 

Fashioned from 14K gold, silver, and diamonds, the Antique Posey Earrings were crafted in a time when women were consistently and collectively underestimated. Yet like the diamonds set into these stunning earrings, strength and tenacity shone through again and again. More than simply spectacular gold and silver earrings, these striking adornments are a testament to the artistry of a bygone era as well as a celebration of the all the women who have been and will be fortunate enough to wear them throughout the years. They are a brilliant and bold reminder that we are the dreams of our foremothers come to life. And they are simply a heck of a lot of gorgeous fun to wear.