$2,860.00 USD


Era - Antique Art Nouveau

Materials - 14k Gold & Peridot (8cts)

Length - 2.50in

An appreciation for the wonders of nature was a prominent hallmark of the Art Nouveau period. Designers and artisans mourned the increasing disconnection from the source of all—Mother Earth—and turned their skills to honoring her with their handiwork. Featuring elements quintessential to the era, the Art Nouveau Peridot Earrings are a treasure from the past eager to enliven the present.

Masterfully fashioned from 14K gold, these phenomenal earrings are a floral tribute to the magnificence of nature. As such, they are the perfect home for the peerless peridots at their centers. Formed deep within the earth’s mantle, peridot only surfaces as a result of tectonic and volcanic activity. With a hue evocative of verdant foliage, peridot is said to be the gemstone of Isis—the Goddess of spring herself. As such, peridot is considered a gemstone of motherhood, renewal, wisdom, and magic. Believed to empower those who wear it with both the vision and the courage to pursue possibilities, peridot is also said to be a stone of bounty. 

A celebration of artistry and abundance, these enchanting antique Art Nouveau earrings are the perfect complement to a soulful existence filled to the brim with a love of nature and an impeccable sense of style.