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Era - c1920's 

Materials - 14k Gold & Sapphires

Measurements - 34 x 25 x 9mm

Weight - 16g

You hear about it in whispers—down a side street, a near-secret entrance. Offer the password and gain admittance. The inventive cocktail you sip will later become an icon of the era, but it owes its creation to attempts to stretch the good liquor just a bit further or obscure the taste of the inferior booze. If the police raid the place, simply claim you are there to see the blind pig. You did not buy the drink in your hand. It was complimentary with the price of admission for the attraction. No laws have been broken. Just bent a little. This is the 1920s. This is Prohibition. 


Crafted during a time known for both decadence and intrigue, the Deco Secret Stash Pill Box features the sleek geometric design of the age. Fashioned from 14K gold and sapphires, this glamorous pill box hearkens back to a time of luxury, a time when the more-is-more philosophy influenced everything from the clothing and  jewels worn for a night out on the town to the cigarette holders, matchboxes, and pill boxes no one would see but for a few brief moments. Whether displayed or carried with you, this handsome accessory is an invitation to the imagination as it hints at a history which has now become legend.