$750.00 USD


Era - Edwardian

Materials - Platinum, 18k Gold & Diamonds (.50tcw)

The rules for women in Edwardian society were absolute: Never eat heartily. Never say I love you to anyone outside the family. Never remove your gloves in public. Never shake hands. And always always always dress with care and style for every occasion. After all, if you were single, every eligible gentleman you encountered had a chance of being just the right husband for you. Thus earrings were a must even for breakfast if suitable visitors might be joining you for the meal. But they must be simple earrings. Elegant without affectation. Earrings exactly like these exquisite Edwardian Old Mine Cut Diamond Studs. 

Fashioned from platinum, 18K gold, and .50 total carat weight of diamonds, these deliciously simple earrings are quintessentially Edwardian in design and materials. Featuring 58 facets cut by hand with an eye towards maximizing sparkle in the candlelight, the old mine cut diamonds at the center of each earring wink and shimmer in any light. Perfectly complementing any ensemble, these gorgeous diamond studs are masterpieces of history as well as beautiful adornment.