$650.00 USD


Era - Antique Gold Rush Era

Materials - 14k & 22k Gold 

Measurements - 2in

Weight - 4g

Hardship and danger. No guarantee of success. The possibility of betrayal and even murder. These are just some of the obstacles faced by the intrepid as they set off for California to stake their claims during the Gold Rush. But the risks were worth it for the men and women who dreamed of a future they would finance with the gold they believed must soon belong to them. The Gold Rush altered the frontier and transformed the people who took their place in it—some for good, some for ill. But what a time to be alive, to head to California, to have such an adventure.

Though you cannot go back in time and join the prospectors and dreamers of the mid-1800s, you can possess a striking piece of the past with the Gold Rush Brooch. Fashioned from 14K and 22K gold, this unique adornment from the Gold Rush era features a pickax, a shovel, a pan, and gold nuggets to commemorate the historic time. Sparking conversations as well as the imagination, this handsome brooch is a celebration of the risks required to reach the reward.