$3,685.00 USD


Era - Estate 

Materials - Platinum, Diamonds (1.47tcw) and Calibre French Cut Onyx 

Length - 1in

Paradox and variance—two of the constants in life. To be is to be in flux. And yet in the midst of this sometimes tempestuous flow, we can find steady serenity as we sink into the strength of our own soul and know we are capable and courageous. 

There is perhaps no more gorgeous representation of these human truths than the stunning Old Mine Cut Diamond and Onyx Earrings. Masterfully crafted from platinum, diamonds, and calibre French cut onyx, these magnificent earrings are the embodiment of the quiet and the wild.

Symbolic of strength, persistence, and endurance, each dazzling diamond nestled in the platinum embrace of these fabulous earrings is a tribute to the integrity of our inner being. Composed of pure carbon, diamonds honor the foundational elements of all life and amplify the light within and without.

Perfectly complementing the constancy of diamonds, onyx is a gemstone of contradiction. An acknowledgment of the duality within each of us, it encourages the integration of seemingly opposing forces into powerful partnerships for the betterment of the one who wears it. 

Lightness and darkness. Tumult and order. Chaos and calm. These earrings are a breathtaking celebration of the all in all that is you.