$1,245.00 USD


Era - c1830's

Materials - 9ct Gold & Table Cut Garnets 

Length - 2in

When these elegant Victorian Table Cut Garnet Earrings were crafted in the 1830s, the Hindu religion was largely foreign to many of those living in Victorian England. Yet even without knowing words like kundalini and chakra, we imagine the one fortunate enough to wear these gorgeous garnets felt the energetic potential of these alluring gemstone every time they slipped these darlings on.

Showing off their beauty in settings of 9K gold, this delightful exhibition of gleaming garnets offers more to the wearer than mere adornment, according to gem lore. Believed to represent Surya—God of the sun—garnets honor the unifying lifeforce embodied within every individual at birth. Gemstones of the root chakra, garnets are said to awaken the Divine Feminine energy present in everyone of all genders. Garnets are also gemstones of balance and expansion, jewels of creativity and serenity, and simply refreshing to behold. Crimson and captivating, these charming Victorian earrings are ornaments of history reawakening to enchant and empower your present.