$5,250.00 USD


Era - Art Deco Inspired Contemporary

Materials - Platinum, Coral, OMC Diamonds (approx. 0.50ct each, I-J/SI)

As bewitched as we are by the ornate artistry of some adornments, there’s something especially enchanting about jewelry where the gems simply stand for themselves in straightforward beauty. And these Art Deco-inspired contemporary Coral And Diamond Earrings are a perfect specimen of candid captivation. 

Handsomely crafted from fiery coral and darling old mine cut diamonds set in platinum, these earrings put us in mind of beachy sunsets and luscious oranges. Sensual in their simplicity, they glam up any outfit, making every day a bit more brilliant. And if lore is to be believed, these charming earrings offer much more than their flush and flash to the one who wears them. 

Gemstone of the sea, coral carries with it the ebbs and flows of the ocean. A stone said to bring serenity to the soul of the one who wears it, coral is also credited with invigorating passion and creativity while diamonds are believed to amplify energy and empower imagination.

With a reputation for attracting abundance, coral and diamonds make the perfect accompaniment for any moment when you need a boost of belief in yourself. And like you, these contemporary earrings need to be nothing but simply what they are to be truly spectacular.