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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold

Measurements - 20mm x 10mm

Weight - 4g

There is no such thing as a simple spiral. Deceptively uncomplicated in design, spirals symbolize some of the most profound principles of existence. Unfurling ever outward, the coils of this significant shape signal an evolution of being as our wisdom develops and our spirit opens to greater love and possibility. But this radial shape can also be viewed as perpetual movement inward—a returning to ourselves, our essence, over and again. Expansion and contraction—each in their own time—are part and parcel of being human. 

With a form symbolic of the twists and turns of consciousness and creation, these Vintage Gold Wire Earrings serve as both inspiration and celebration. Crafted from 14K gold, the captivating coils of these vintage earrings are simple enough for everyday wear and striking enough for special occasions. Whether chosen simply because they are uniquely beautiful or for the symbolism inherent in their shape, these earrings will breathe two extra whispers of life into any day.