$1,250.00 USD


Era - Vintage Brooch 

Materials - 18k 

Measurements - 2in x 1in

Weight - 12g

*made in Greece

It was supposed to be a pleasant party. A drop of drinking, a dash of dancing, a mountain of merriment. But the centaurs couldn’t hold their liquor, and it all went to hell. 


As the story goes, Hippodamia—She Who Masters Horses—was set to marry Pirithous, the king of the Lapiths, and all the centaurs were invited to the wedding feast. Not usually one to get drunk, a centaur named Eurytion indulged in too much wine and did what should never be done by anyone at any wedding: he tried to kidnap the bride. Emboldened by Eurytion, the other intoxicated centaurs attempted to snatch the rest of the women and children at the party and carry them off, but the Lapiths refused to stand by and let that happen. They drew their swords and went to battle with assistance from Theseus—the heroic founder of Athens. Any centaur who did not die in the ensuing skirmish was driven off in shame, banished forever from the land of the Lapiths and likely no longer invited to most parties. 


Fashioned from 18K gold, the Vintage Greek Scene Brooch captures forever a scene from the epic battle known as the Centauromachy.  Perfect for anyone with a penchant for history or an affinity for singular jewelry, this striking vintage brooch comes with a story sure to catch the imagination in the same way its appearance catches the eye.