$350.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k White Gold, Jade, and Diamonds

All things admirable. Essence of vitality. Champion of generations. From almost the moment jade was discovered thousands of years ago, this vibrant gem has been honored by countless individuals as a stone of supreme significance. Credited with thinning the veil between the worlds of seen and unseen, jade is often considered the ultimate gemstone of enlightenment. Dream of jewels, the Vintage Jade and Diamond Studs show off just how stunning simple can be. 

Fashioned from 14K white gold and jade with a diamond twinkling at their center, these vintage studs bewitch with their barefaced beauty. Gorgeous accompaniment for every moment—from a grocery run to a glamorous gala—these delectable vintage earrings highlight the exquisite glory of jade as they bestow brilliance and blessings on the one who wears them. Protective talisman, elevator of esteem, and stone of self-assurance, jade can turn any outfit into the one you were wearing when you took the chance that changed your life.