$755.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold and Jade 

Length - 1.70in

Legend says if you place jade against your forehead or under your pillow as you sleep, you will be granted access to visions of both delight and clarity. While we do not claim certainty in such things, what we do know is that these handsome Vintage Jade Hoop Earrings are a dream come true.

Expertly crafted from 14K gold and jade, these marvelous vintage hoop earrings are a striking complement to any day or night. Known as a restorative gemstone, jade has been revered for its healing properties throughout time and civilizations since 6000 BCE. Believed to encourage creativity, promote balance, and reinvigorate energy, jade has served well those who wear it. Embodying every soothing shade of springtime green, jade is also a gemstone of authentic love and spiritual growth. Whether worn for their stately beauty or for more metaphysical reasons, these fascinating vintage jade earrings are the perfect addition to both your dreams and your reality.