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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Lapis

Size - 1.75"

If ever there were a gemstone which unites the physical world with the spiritual realm, lapis is that gemstone. In Sumerian lore, Inanna—goddess of love, sex, beauty, and justice—wore lapis on her journey to the underworld. In ancient Egypt, images of Maat—goddess of truth, morality, and cosmic balance—were carved in lapis, and lapis lined the tombs of many pharaohs including Tutankhamun. In Buddhism, lapis is a gem used to empower spiritual tranquility, and even the heavens of the Sistine Chapel are painted with ground lapis. A gemstone of divine transformation, lapis has been revered throughout time and civilizations for its celestial blue and sacred attributes. 

Crafted from 14K gold and lapis, the Vintage Lapis Drop Earrings are a stunning tribute to the singular beauty of this magnificent gemstone. With a color reminiscent of a perfect night sky, these gold drop earrings pop with so much more than simple physical allure. Soothing and spectacular, these earrings are sure to delight and inspire wherever they are worn.