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Era - Vintage 1950s

Materials - 18k Gold, Pearls, Diamonds

Length - approx 1.75 Inches

Pearls, pearls, pearls. It seems the women of the 1950s could hardly get enough of these miraculous gems. And the 1950’s Pearl and Diamond Earrings make it easy as pie to see why. Fashioned from 18K gold, diamonds, and baroque pearls, these vintage earrings are as elegant as Grace Kelly—film star, Princess of Monaco, and the woman some claim was almost solely responsible for meteoric rise of pearls among that era’s must-have fashion statements.

Instantly adding a dash of the exquisite to any and every outfit, these pearl and diamond earrings have bewitched for generations. But the admiration and yearning for pearls started thousands of years before these beauties were created. First known to be offered in tribute to Chinese rulers more than three millennia ago, pearls have heavily featured in the folklore and treasuries of countries and people throughout the world. 

Believed to align the one who wears them with the inevitable ebbs and flows of life and promote peace during even the most turbulent of times, pearls may be as beneficial as they are beautiful. These marvels of nature need no human intervention other than discovery to bring their magnificence to light. For this reason, we see every pearl—and these phenomenal vintage pearl earrings in particular—as celebrations of simply being and stunning tributes to exactly who you are.