$2,950.00 USD


Era - Contemporary with Vintage Setting

Materials - Platinum, Moonstone, Diamonds

Science calls it lunar pareidolia. We call it having a fertile imagination. Whatever label we attach to it, though—illusion or invention—there’s no denying the thrill we get gazing up at the moon and seeing a face shining down on us. That’s why we adore the brilliant Man In The Moon Moonstone and Diamond Earrings. With them, marvelous moon magic enchants and keeps you company wherever you roam. 

Fashioned from hand-carved moonstones and diamonds in 1950’s platinum settings, these heavenly earrings are all charm and dazzle. Believed to be an talisman of protection for travelers, moonstones are said to guide those embarking on all manner of literal and metaphorical adventures by imbuing wearers with wisdom and discernment. A gem of illumination, moonstones are also credited with reflecting the light within us back into the world around us—aiding us as we work to become the influence for good we might wish to be in all our endeavors.

Fantastic fusion of vintage and contemporary, these moonstone and diamond earrings are—to us—a celebration of the meaning we find and the meaning we create as we make the journey of being human.