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Era - 1880's

Materials - 18k Gold, Platinum & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (1.98tcw I/J VS2)

Size - 9.75

A stone of protection, a gem of luxury, the dazzling diamond has adorned amulets, crowns, jewelry, and clothing since the discovery of the first one. Cherished for their resilience, clarity, and brilliance, diamonds have symbolized abundance and opulence throughout time and civilizations. And for as long as diamonds have been known to exist, there have been those who would try to hoard the magic and majesty of these gems for themselves.  


One such miser was Louis IX. As a ruler of France in the 13th century, he declared the diamond suitable only for royalty and outlawed the wearing of it by anyone but the king. This edict lasted for nearly two hundred years until a woman named Agnès Sorel won the heart of Charles VII. Not one for convention—she was the first officially recognized royal mistress after all—she flouted the decree and is credited with making diamonds popular among all the members of the French court. It seems she knew a secret of diamonds that we have learned as well: the enchantment of these splendid gems is magnified rather than diminished by the universal enjoyment of their sumptuous resplendence.

Expertly fashioned from 18K gold, platinum, and old mine cut diamonds, the 19th Century Five Stone Ring will enliven your world with its stunning sparkle. Worn by the wonder that is you, it will serve as an alluring reminder that you possess a magnificence the world needs and only you can share.