$8,600.00 USD


Era - Art Deco circa 1930's

Materials - 18K Gold, 1.1ct G I1 center stone with approximately .25ct rubies and .1ct diamonds on band

Size - 5

With an inner fire which cannot be extinguished, rubies have captivated humans with their blazing brilliance for longer than history has been recorded. And diamonds have dazzled for thousands of years. Offered in love, granted as tribute, purloined by rivals, and traded by nations, these precious gems have been the center of countless dramas played out on the human stage. And united together in this thrilling Vintage Diamond & Ruby Target Ring, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about. 

Impeccably created with 18K gold, diamonds, and rubies, this astonishing 1930s ring showcases the singular wonder of late Art Deco style—making geometry gorgeous. Crafted in a target design, this stunning vintage ring puts us in mind of mandalas, labyrinths, and other sacred circles. Symbolizing focus and a personal evolution that both contracts inward and expands outward, this shape invites meditations on the marvels of existence.

Breathtaking in its beauty, this fabulous ring also enchants us on a metaphysical level as the gemstones themselves are said to offer wearers abundant blessings. Known as the queen of stones and stone of kings, the majestic ruby is credited with empowering creativity and passion as well as the clarity of thought and determination of focus to make one’s dreams come true. And as gems prized for their own strength and resilience, diamonds are said to lend wearers tenacity, resilience, and an extra measure of courage. As magnificent as it is mystical, this radiant ring is an epic sensation that captivates wherever it goes.