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Era - Edwardian c1910

Materials - Platinum & Old European Cut Diamond (1.76ct K/L SI2) 

Size - 5.75 

*GIA Appraisal Included 


During the first decade of the 20th century, the world itself seemed to many Europeans to be full to the brim with promise for the future. Peace reigned throughout the land. Advances in technology, science, and medicine allowed for more leisure and overall improved health to enjoy it. And culture was shifting to make room for more audacious artistic endeavors. Life was good, and there was not yet any reason to think the bliss would end. This societal optimism infused everything from politics to theater to design to fashion. And in this spirit of elation, the ravishing Edwardian 1.76 ct Diamond Ring was brought into existence.

Sensationally Edwardian, this antique ring features a spectacular Old European cut center diamond held within a platinum embrace. The perfect metal for an era obsessed with white on white on white, platinum had only begun to be used for jewelry when this radiant ring was crafted. Exquisitely designed to make an unforgettable statement, this gorgeous diamond ring continues to dazzle with a brilliance undimmed by the century which has passed since it was created. If anything, we think it shines brighter for all the stories it has shared with those fortunate enough to wear it throughout the years. An astounding ornament of wearable history, this dream of a ring is perfectly suited to gifting to yourself or another as a celebration of joy as you savor each wonderful moment in life.