$15,950.00 USD


Era - Contemporary

Materials - 18K Yellow Gold & Platinum, 1.6ct Radiant Cut Natural Light Yellow Vs1 Diamond, .98ct Of Round White Diamonds

Size - 6

In the cradle of civilization, in a time so ancient that humans were not yet around to mark hours, weeks, and years, Shamash and Aya fell in love. God of the sun and Goddess of dawn—each with their own raison d'être—their existences were interwoven together as to be almost inseparable, though neither lost their individuality in the midst of their sacred marriage. Grateful for the blessings and protection borne from this celestial bond, ancient Akkadians would often lay representations of Shamash and Aya on a bed together in a ceremony of romantic renewal between God and Goddess, honoring all the wonder which resulted from this divine connection. A scintillating celebration of just such a brilliant relationship, the Salavetti Platinum & 18K Gold Sunburst Ring blazes in tribute of a romance which both liberates and links together the souls of those in love.

Exquisitely handcrafted by the inventive artisans of Salavetti, this captivating contemporary ring features the sunshine of a 1.6 radiant cut natural light yellow diamond beaming from the center of dazzling round white diamond rays. Nestled in a setting of gleaming 18K yellow gold and platinum, these gemstones symbolize a love both joyful and tenacious, playful and resilient. Honoring lasting love as the source from which courage, fortitude, and bravery in being bloom, this sensational sunburst ring celebrates the marvelous mystery of two hearts finding each other in time and space and choosing to share the adventure of life, enveloping all around them in the glow of their love.