$15,750.00 USD


Era - Antique c1930's 

Materials - Platinum, 1.50ct Thailand No Heat Sapphire, 1.65ct Old Cut Pear, .85ct Multi Shape Diamonds

Size - 4.5

Toi et moi—you and me. Honoring the extraordinary wonder of two individuals choosing to partner together in love and life, the breathtaking Sapphire and Diamond Pear Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring is a fairytale treasure come to life. 

Impeccably designed and crafted in the 1930s, it is no accident that two uniquely spectacular gemstones center the heart of this magnificent ring. In fact, toi et moi rings were particularly fashioned to celebrate the transcendent beauty of two distinct elements uniting together to create something magnificent and magical.

Set into a band of peerless platinum, the pear-shaped sapphire and diamond are both superb in their own right. In the presence of the other, though, their individual brilliance is enhanced. Symbolic of sincerity and fidelity, the intense celestial blue sapphire is an enchanting contrast to the clarity of the diamond. Believed to symbolize resilience and strength, the diamond perfectly complements its sapphire companion in both appearance and meaning. Held within the embrace of a dazzling diamond array, these gemstones honor a love both tender and tenacious. 

With a romantic history that includes the diamond and sapphire ring with which Napoleon proposed to Empress Joséphine, toi et moi rings have long symbolized a love which allows each individual to be fully themselves in a way that contrasts and complements the other even as they choose to bind themselves together in love and commitment.