$2,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Diamonds (.90ct) & Emerald (1.50ct)

Size - 5

Measurements - 15mm tall, band 2mm

In his epic work Natural History, Pliny the Elder declared that nothing greens greener than an emerald. But it is more than just the brilliant color of this gemstone that bewitches those who behold it. Representing the vitality of nature captured in an enduring element, emeralds are symbolic of both new beginnings and a mature, lasting love. They are said to be the stone of spiritual riches, harmony, tranquility, and enduring romance. According to lore, emeralds promote peaceful balance in those adorned with them and align the heart chakra to release a flow of love from the core of the wearer. 

In the belief of ancient Romans, the gorgeous emerald which centers this Vintage Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring holds the power to restore the soul of the one who wears it. While we cannot promise soul restoration, we do know this stunning greenest of green gems is sure to delight the senses as the platinum band and baguette diamonds further enhance the beauty of the magnificent emerald. A soul in balance, a heart brimming with lasting love—this ring symbolizes both and is perfect for celebrating an engagement or reaffirming the strength of a love that will continue to go the distance.