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 Era - Vintage c1950's

Materials - 18k White Gold, .85ct Emerald & .85ct Diamond (estimated G/VS1)

Size - 7.5

If red is the color of passion, green is the color of abiding love. And emerald is the quintessential green gemstone for celebrating just such an enduring affection. Shaded like springtime itself, emeralds symbolize a relationship which renews over and again, a romance which can always be counted on flourish afresh and bring abundant joy yet again even after the doldrums of winter. And—like love—the emerald is a sacred jewel. Since as early in human history as 4000 BCE, emeralds have been revered as stones which connect mortals to the Divine. The emerald is a gem of wisdom, inspiration, fortitude, and fidelity. And situated alongside the dazzling diamond in the simply stunning Vintage Emerald & Diamond Toi Et Moi, it embodies a relationship both tender and tenacious. 

Elegantly crafted in the mid-20th century, this vintage toi et moi ring is quintessentially 1950s and features an enchanting emerald and brilliant diamond set in 18K white gold. In the company of the emerald, the diamond’s beauty and significance become even more meaningful than a stone which stands alone. Symbolic of faithful strength and resilience and said to inspire the imagination, ingenuity, and integrity necessary to lasting, loving relationships, the diamond perfectly complements both the appearance and nuance of its emerald companion. A celebration of the wonder which arises when diverse magnificence joins together, this vintage ring epitomizes a forever love between beings or for one’s own self.