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To exist is to grow and outgrow. Snakes intuitively understand this and periodically disburden themselves of skin too cramped for further magnificence. It is this casting off the old to embody the new that inspired the ancients to see the serpent as a symbol of transformation and regeneration. While our personal evolutions are not always as recognizable as a snake shedding its skin, we too mature in the rhythm of our own seasons. To be human is to be on a journey where one size does not fit all forever.

This Victorian Diamond Snake Ring celebrates the gift of awakening to ourselves over and again. Enhanced by old mine cut and rose cut diamonds, this 9K gold ring affirms the beauty of discovering more about ourselves as we move through life. Habits, beliefs, behaviors—all can be questioned, affirmed, or reshaped as we renew ourselves. Coiled on the finger, this elegant serpent invites you to move beyond the boundaries which no longer serve you well.

Era - Antique c1880's

Materials - 9k Gold, Old Mine Cut Diamonds & Rose Cut Diamonds

Size - 11

Width - 10mm