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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold 

Length - 7.75"

Weight - 33 grams

There is a lot to be said for the untamed spirit, and we adore a wild soul. Yet mild moderation of the tempests within can powerfully direct our dynamism without causing us to lose what makes us wondrous. And it is this essential tension between feral and focused which comes to mind whenever we catch a glimpse of the handsome Vintage Horse Bit Bracelet.

Inextricably intertwined with modern humanity, the story of domesticated horses began more than 6000 years ago in the western part of the Eurasian Steppe. Since then, humans and horses have been bound together in exploration, migration, conquest, and cultivation. No doubt about it, we are beholden to these mighty creatures for their companionship, cooperation, and the exhilaration of barreling across the land on their backs. It is perhaps no wonder then that the noble horse symbolizes a soulful freedom beyond what we can know in our human form. And a horse bit itself is the representation of directing that freedom towards worthy endeavors.

Artfully fashioned from 18K gold, this unique vintage bracelet is a celebration of the mutually beneficial communion between diverse species and a tribute to the incredible endeavors made possible by uniting liberty with restraint.