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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Garnet

According to a trove of lore which transcends eras, religions, cultures, and geography, those who wish to illuminate the shadowed realms both within and without do well to adorn themselves with garnet. And as these glorious Garnet & Gold Cufflinks practically pulsate with vivacity, it’s easy enough to see where the legends started. 

Called the lamp stone by ancient Greeks, garnets have captivated with their crimson radiance for millenia. Once believed to provide literal light for excursions embarked on in the darkness, garnet was often worn around the neck during nighttime journeys. And within the Talmud, tales are told of the Hebrew hero Noah using garnets to illumine his midnight course through the abundance of water covering the earth during the great flood. 

While these vibrant vintage cufflinks may not quite substitute for a flashlight after nightfall, they certainly enliven any ensemble with their blazing beauty. And as garnets are also credited with sparking wit, curiosity, and creativity in the wearer, we like to think there’s an awfully good chance these garnet cufflinks will spice up conversations as well.