$825.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - 10

Oh Zeus. King of Mount Olympus though he might have been, his exploits were often as devilish as they were divine. Tenacious and cunning, he went after what he wanted and generally got it. Perhaps that is why he is said to have disguised himself as Taurus the Bull when attempting to woo the Phoenician princess Europa. Recognized as animals of immense strength and masterful skill, bulls were revered in ancient civilizations for their unconquerable spirit and relentless will, and as one of the oldest constellations known to humans, it is no wonder that Taurus honors both the myth and reality of these venerated animals. 

As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is particularly auspicious for those born between 20 April and 20 May, but we think the great bull will lend its power to anyone who slips the magnificent 14K gold El Toro Zodiac Ring (Taurus) on their finger. Known to symbolize the determination, vitality, endurance, and fortitude needed to accomplish whatever is in one’s heart to do, Taurus is a helpful companion on the journey of life. Whether or not you were born under the sign of the Bull, this handsome ring is ready to lend you a bit of extra courage and stability while you reach for your potential as a being both human and divine.