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Era - Circa 1900's

Materials - 14k Yellow Gold, Ruby & Diamond.

Size - 11

Transformation. Expansion. Evolution. As a being which periodically frees itself from the cramped quarters of its own skin, the serpent is symbolic of regeneration. Shedding what no longer serves it well, it moves forward into the future as a greater version of itself. But snakes are not the only beings who outgrow themselves over and again. Anyone who has bid farewell to the familiar in order to manifest a truer version of themselves knows well the discomfort of confinement in a space too small for magnificence, knows to the joyous liberation which follows manifesting the courage to thrive.

Crafted in the early years of a brand new century, the Antique Coiled Serpent Ring is a tribute to all transformations—great or small—which empower us to continually discover and uncover facets of our incredible being. Fashioned from 14K gold with ruby eyes and a diamond at the heart of its head, this marvelous ring invites you to celebrate your own renewal and rebirth and draw strength from it as you honor all you are and all you are becoming.