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Era - 1900's

Materials - 14k Yellow Gold & Diamond (.10ct)

Size - 9.5

While we accept that it makes evolutionary sense to fear what we do not understand, we also know that holding onto such fear often inhibits our expansion. Perhaps it is that very tussle with duality that gives us such an affinity for serpents. Mysterious and occasionally dangerous, snakes have faced more than their fair share of suspicion. Yet snakes also symbolize some of the most sacred concepts of existence: fertility, the divine feminine, and transformation. 

Expertly crafted from 14K gold, the handsome Antique Gold Coiled Serpent Ring embodies the allure of this remarkable reptile. The dazzling diamond at the center of the snake’s head suits the serpent’s reputation for wisdom and resilience, and artful engravings enhance the aesthetic charm of this singular ring. Crafted during the early years of a new century, this antique ring is a magnificent celebration of paradox and the perfect piece for honoring your own fascinating duality.