$640.00 USD


Era - Antique c1900's

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - 8.25

Measurements - 13mm x 18mm

Inscribed "HWC"

There is perhaps no piece of jewelry with as much history as the signet ring. Reach all the way back to the Bronze Age and you’ll find signet rings there. Meander through the chronicles of ancient Greece and Egypt or the Byzantine and Roman empires and you’ll find signet rings there, too. Even in the Dark Ages, these rings were present, though much less ornate than the ones that came before and after. 


Existing before literacy, these rings served a purpose that went beyond the ornamental. Every ring was crafted to the wearer and was used to imprint wax with the crest of the owner as both signature and seal. In fact, signet rings were once so personalized that the ring was destroyed after the death of the wearer so that no one might impersonate the deceased.


Created in a time when signet rings were considered more the mark of a gentleman than an alternate signature, The Antique Shield Signet Ring—bearing the monogram HWC on the bezel—is fashioned from 14K gold and features unique engravings which add to its notable style. A superb choice of adornment for anyone, this handsome ring adds a touch of stately elegance to any ensemble.