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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Citrine

Size - 7.75

* This ring cannot be resized

Stone of sunshine. Gem of autumn. Captivating in its golden gleam, citrine has offered its embodied joy to humans for thousands of years. And with this gorgeous Citrine Eternity Band, the cheerful bliss of citrine can accompany you everywhere you go. 

Gemstone of the navel chakra, citrine is said to empower those who wear it with an infusion of trustworthy intuition and dynamic creativity—making it an excellent adornment for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and all who walk a life path entirely of their own making. Transmuting and grounding negative energy, citrine is also believed to be a heartening gem, a stone of soulful exuberance which strengthens the wearer’s own inner light. And of course, it is prized for the abundance it is said to manifest in the lives of those who wear it. 

Delightful on its own, this charming vintage ring also shines brilliantly in the company of others. Solo or stacking, any way you wear it, this radiance of a ring brightens up any day and honors your own incandescence.