$2,625.00 USD


Era - Edwardian

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamonds (1.25ct) & Heart Shaped Amethyst 

Size - 1.5"

A prayer, a protection, a signifier of royalty—throughout time and civilizations, the resplendent amethyst has taken on many meanings. Once believed to guard against inebriation, it was also worn by soldiers of antiquity into battle as a safeguard and inspiration to sustained courage. Ancient Egyptians mined amethyst and shaped the gemstone into amulets believed to preserve and prosper those who carried them. In more modern times, amethyst was one of the favorite gems of King Edward VII and his wife Alexandra of Denmark, so it is only fitting that this stunning Edwardian Amethyst Crown Heart was fashioned during his reign.

As stately as it is sumptuous, this stunning Edwardian brooch is a testament to the influence the royal family had on jewelry design at the turn of the century. Crafted from 14K gold, 1.25 carats of diamonds, and a radiant heart shaped amethyst, this regal brooch is sure to catch the eye and fancy of those fortunate enough to behold it. More than simply a gorgeous gem, though, the amethyst is known as a stone of internal balance and stability. Believed to ease fear and assist in attaining a peaceful state of mind, amethysts are stones of serenity, while the diamonds which sparkle from the 14K gold crown are known as gems of strength and tenacity. A perfectly majestic touch to any ensemble, this singularly captivating brooch is certain to inspire confidence whenever it is worn.